[SERVICE] Bulk Sugarcane Suppliers

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    Youve come to the right place!
    500r per DC
    Max 10 DC per order
    5 orders at a time

    Orders take about a week or Two so be patient :), I will let you know.
    Payment must be received before pickup
    IF you payed and I still haven't put signs up message me and I will try and put them up immediately
    Pickup is on smp1 at /v 2102

    enzosoccer19 - 50 dc
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  2. if i lose your auction i want 4 dcs
  3. okay remind me though because i will forget :)
  4. Can I place 5 orders of 10 DC each. So in total it will be 50 DC. I'm willing to wait. Just let me know when they are done and I will make payment and pick it up
  5. yeah itll be awhile :) do you want them 10 at a time or all together?
  6. i can wait all together.
  7. dont forget about my order u told me to remind you
  8. okay maxed out on orders need to complete some before i accept more
  9. LittleJimSlade your order is ready come pick up at 2102
  10. I would love to have 5DC's
  11. Orders are closed right now as i have a 50 dc order to fill but after you will be the first one