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  1. Ok so I love to farm and decided since I get a ton of farm fresh foods, I will offer a bulk service for the entire community of emc to enjoy! All the details and prices are bellow.
    All pickups are at /v +bulkfood on smp8 or /v 17053
    :)My motto is to keep the bulk high and price low:)

    I will PM you when your order is ready

    Orders 0/0

    Look down below to see why you can't order!

    Food Service:
    What you are buying on top line
    How much you are paying on 2nd line
    Max/Min purchase amount on 3rd line

    Enchanted Golden Apples:
    51,000r per stack
    Max/1 stacks, Min/1 stack (64)
    That's 800r per enchanted gold apple!

    Golden Apples:
    3,008r per stack
    Max/3 stacks, Min/1 stack (64)
    That's 47r per gold apple!

    Golden Carrots:
    26,325r per SC
    Max/SC, Min/SC
    That's 15r per golden carrot!

    1,728r per DC
    Max/2 DC, Min/DC
    That's 0.5r per potato!

    2,592r per DC
    Max/2 DC, Min/DC
    That's 0.75r per carrot!

    1,036r per DC
    Max/2 DC, Min/DC
    That's 0.3r per melon!

    9,912r per DC
    Max/DC, Min/DC
    That's 2r per pumpkin!

    1,000r per DC
    Max/2 DC, Min/DC
    That's 0.29 per wheat!

    I hope everyone enjoys this new service!
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  2. Why can't you order?????
    Well as some of you know this service was for part time just until my new Mega Bulk Food Mall is open. It isn't open yet but I am ready to get it stocked, so on the grand opening day I will be ready for the drop party, and sweet places that this place will include. This new mall will offer more than just farm foods. It will include meats, cookies, cakes, pies, and so forth. The prices will be reduced too!
  3. So I am unable to order yet? :(
  4. Bumping for great prices!
  5. What you are buying on top line- DC of Potatoes
    How much you are paying on 2nd line- 1728r
    Max/Min purchase amount on 3rd line- wat...?

    Can u deliver for a fee?
  6. Nope I can deliver for free for now.... and the min/max purchase........ You can order up to 2 DC of the product and to order you have to buy the minimum amount so 1 DC.

    Example: I want 2 DC of potatoes.. so the price would be 1,728r times 2 since you are buying 2 DC but if you were to just buy one it would just be 1,728r
  7. Wheat
    1,000r (1k)
    1 DC
  8. Ill order 5 stacks of Gold Apples (35r per ones)
  9. can i order 5 stacks of regular golden apples and 2 DCs of wheat
  10. yes you can skarecbio, but you will be on hold because 2 people ordered up above you.. but you will get it
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  11. nvm you are no longer on hold.. wolffpack58 your order is ready for pickup!
  12. Can I order 1 DC of wheat?
  13. yep you are on the waiting list now
  14. JLID10 Your order is ready for pickup
    SkareCbio Your order is ready for pickup
  15. Is my order of 1DC done?
  16. oh I didn't realize that was an order.. I thought you were asking what the Min/Max meant... I'm sorry and I will get on that right away
  17. I'm looking forward to it :D
  18. So what is your order wolffpack58