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  1. I am a builder and I help people build! Sounds simple don't it? I don't do towers and enormous buildings because those will take quite a while. You will have to supply me if you want me to build. PM me a website or image of what you would like to build and I will name you a price. These are usual prices though:
    Mall (40 blocks high MAX) 60,000
    Complex House (25 blocks high MAX) 30,000
    Modern House (25 blocks high MAX) 30,000
    Custom House (50 blocks high MAX) 80,000

    Deadlines depend on size! WE CAN NEGOTIATE ON PRICES!

    Pictures: 2 floors of my creative world. I could make it taller if I wanted took 2 seconds to build lol 2013-08-17_17.44.56.png 2013-08-17_17.45.02.png 2013-08-17_17.45.20.png 2013-08-17_17.45.28.png

    NOTE: Prices may vary depending on size and complexity! What I listed was average price! PM me and show me a picture and I will give you a CONFIRMED price.
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  3. Perhaps post a few pictures of your builds to get some buyers to bite.
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  4. Any takers?