[Service] Building Infinite Resource Generators on Your Res

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  1. Hey all. I am offering a service to build the various redstone automatic resource generators seen in this video: http://youtu.be/_y4Lx7Z-llU

    Currently available machines:

    -Cobblestone Generator (afkable)
    -Wheat, Carrot, Potato instant grower (afkable)
    -Sugarcane auto farmer and collector (afkable) - charged by floor
    -Cow farm and auto cooker
    -Obsidian Generator that runs on string
    -Sapling Orchard
    -Oak/Jungle wood log farm + storage unit (afkable)
    -Melon / Pumpkin auto farmer and collector (afkable)
    -Automatic Potion Brewers, 5x5x5 can be tiled or stacked
    -Automatic Villager breeder (afkable)

    Wild services:
    -Blaze Trap
    -Skelly / Zombie / Spider Trap
    -Any of the above machines + travel fee

    I will only take 1 job at a time, message me for a quote. Check out the video if you want to see these machines in action.
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  2. About your outpost. What is there to contribute? You have everything. :p If you want some help with your villager trading I can come out and be useful once I find myself with some free time.
  3. anything you want. Buildings / whatever. It just seems like a waste to have all of this and only me using it.
  4. I like that auto wheat farm, how much for just the specs on it?
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  5. I just have the designs in my head, not sure how to share it without building it. 2k for that, all materials included. You have supply the bonemeal though.
  6. I messaged you and you never messaged back.
  7. Hey could you maybe build me a cow farm with auto cooker? That would be very useful.
  8. @Rhino I have no msg from you in game or here.
    @Flaming yes - 3k, you supply cows.
  9. K id like one auto wheat farm. When can you build it?
  10. Never mind that didn't work, but I made a convo with you on here labeled cow farm. Check again
  11. Ok pm me on the forums and we will get it all figured out . :)
  12. actually nevermind
  13. Id i will pay u for the cow farmer. Also for 1 potion stall. (possibly 2) and a sugarcane farm (small version) Name your price. LOVE this. please msg me via inbox as i need a lengthy chat with you :)