[Service] Building Chicken Full Auto Farms!

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  1. Hi EMC!
    I am building fully automatic chicken farms which can produce DCs of eggs or chicken and feathers in a short and auto time :p
    You can also stand as the chickens are being spawned and eggify them!
    Please post where you want the chicken farm it can be in the wild but NOT in the wastelands I reserve the right to reject some farms that are too deep in the wild but in most cases will charge a small amount more per 100 blocks from the spawn.

    32 chickens are provided with each chicken farm

    5K for a fully automatic chicken farm

    I am now making huge chicken farms in the wild! please ask for a quote


    Gadget_AD Auto Chicken Farm 5K-Built and payed
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  2. Is this your own design?
  3. Kind of where the chicken lay the eggs and so on isn't the dispenser and cooker/killer is my design i have developed it to be better
  4. I'm very interested but can you explain what this machine is doing, is it only making eggs?
  5. No this machine can either just get boring eggs or get cooked chicken and feathers automatically!
  6. Ok I want one. How do I show you where it is and it's town
  7. Well please tell me your res number and mark out a 9x9 marking somehow with a sign saying my chicken farm thanks
  8. What material would you like cobble or birch or you can supply your own or ask me for another
  9. Ok it's my FIRST res on SMP9 I'm on later so I'll mark out the 9 by 9 thing later with some dirt. I would like it to be made out of oak planks ( do you supply them?) will this machine be getting me chicken and feathers as well as eggs all for 5k?
  10. Yeah it has 2 modes egg mode or chicken and feathers mode
  11. Ok I will be on minecraft in about 30-50 minutes could we meet?
  12. Sorry gotta go to school in 10 mins
  13. Ok start whenever your ready you can start ill pay now. Ill set tp to where I want machine to be and ill place stick in middle. Btw is it ok if you make it out of oak planks and you provide them?
  14. I can provide oak planks
  15. Can I please see some pictures of the design?
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  16. Of course I can't get on today but I will put Some on the post
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  17. It is essentially a box the insides are the main part
  18. Wat flags you need?
  19. I'm on smp9
  20. Just build and I'm not sure about chests and dispensers