[Service] Builder Needed to Construct Castle Spires

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  1. The Eastern Borderlands Outpost is looking to recruit the services of a good builder to top off eight castle turrets with spires on SMP9. Specifications are as follows:

    General Design: See the black, peaked roofs on the attached JPEG for the look we are shooting for.

    Materials: Brick blocks, Brick stairs, Brick slabs and any additional needed building blocks will be provided as needed by Eastern Borderlands Outpost.

    Tools: Provided by and brought to site by the Builder. There are furnaces, chests, an ender chest, and crafting tables already on site.

    Payment: 8,750 rupees per spire. (70,000 rupees for all eight.) 8,750 rupees will be paid up front upon acceptance of the service contract and the beginning of construction. Additional payments of 8,750 rupees will occur incrementally after the completion of the 2nd-8th spires. Each completed spire will be subject to review and possible minor revision.

    Time Frame: All eight spires must be completed no later than February 28th, 2015. Failure to do so will result in this service being contracted to another individual. Additionally, a 10,000 rupee bonus will be paid if the entire project is completed to our satisfaction by February 14th, 2015.

    At present, our outpost is private and a 20 minute trip on a hidden nether rail system from the nearest portal from a protected Frontier area. Discretion on the builder's part with regard to the rail system's location is essential. The "/map hide" setting must be used at all times while working on this project. Any revelation of locations via word of mouth or Dynmap will result in the termination of this service contract.

    I will be the primary point of contact and you may either send me a message here on site or contact me in game if you have any questions. I am usually online during evening hours US Eastern Standard Time.

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