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  1. I am starting a bulk Stone, Cobblestone, Brick, And Nether Brick Service.
    Prices For The Stone:
    1 Stack: 150r
    1 SC: 1750r
    1 DC 3500r

    Prices For The Cobblestone:
    1 Stack: 75r
    1 SC: 1000r
    1 DC: 2050r

    Prices For The Brick:
    1 Stack: 700r
    1 SC: 19000r
    1 DC: 37500r

    Prices For The Nether Brick:
    1 Stack: 150r
    1 SC: 4050r
    1 Dc: 8100r

    Place your order down below, stating what you want and how much of it. If the orders are smaller than 6 stacks, the order will be mailed, however if it is larger than 6 stacks, it will require pick-up. Expected pick-up time, up to 72 hours after order is places, depending on orders, the orders will go in order of which I receive them. You can order more than 1 DC or SC at a time. Pick- Up is at 17154. I will post down below when your order is ready.

    Use This Format To Place An Order:

    Game Username:
    What The Order Is And How Much:
    The Total Price Of Order:
  2. Name: Doggie45
    Order: 1SC of stone
    Total Price: 1750r
  3. Order is ready for pick-up, pay when you pick-up the SC, Thanks For Ordering!:)
  4. I have paid and picked up
    Great service by the way
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  5. Bump, I got one order, how about some more!:)
  6. Thread closed as requested
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.