[Service] BEAR-Tastic Skin Company

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  1. BEAR-Tastic Skin Company

    How much?:
    5,000 r per skin.
    When will it be done?:
    Well it depends. If I have a queue, it'll take till your number in line, which I will inform you when we confirm what it is you want. Once it's your number in line, 48 hours the latest.
    What can I get?:
    You can pick if:
    You want the skin to be shaded
    You want an outfit (Multiple outfits will cost 1k extra.)
    What you will get:
    A base skin
    A choice of 1 outfit

    If you would like to buy a skin private message me this form filled:
    Skin Idea
    Color Pallette (Optional)
    Outfit Idea