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  1. AutoMe Find
    What is AutoMe Find?
    AutoMe Find is a part of AutoMe that allows you to check usernames to see who's who.

    How do I use AutoMe Find?
    Simply find a server with a connected AutoBot (SMP1 is your best bet) and say in town chat:
    AutoMe find <user>

    Capitalization is important, so make sure to capitalize the user's name and AutoMe command exactly as seen here. You'll get a reply telling you whether or not they've changed their name, and if so, what to!

    You can also check when an AutoBot updated their name history list by asking:
    AutoMe find date

    Where do you get your info?
    This AutoMe service collects information from the Who's Who forum post, which in turn collects data from:
    • Custom PARSIC EMC polling engine
    • Posts on "update blogs"
    • Posts in General Minecraft Discussion
    • Profile posts
    If you see incorrect results after polling AutoMe Find, please report it to salesman200/Quartzic immediately and we can fix it.
    I don't want everyone knowing my new name!
    That's fine! Just send me a PM on site, or in-game if you see me there and I can set up exceptions for you.

    What is the PARSIC engine?
    The PARSIC engine is a custom script that automatically polls EMC for online players, converts them into UUIDs, checks name history, updates logs, converts the names into fancy formatted text, and converts them into a LUA-like script running on AutoBots.

    What/who are AutoBots?
    AutoBots are people who have elected to run a copy of Macro/Keybind mod on their PCs, and provide the functions of AutoMe.
    Since AutoMe can't run on all servers at once without 10 players online at once, you may find that there is not an AutoBot on your home server. Here is a list of current AutoBots and their home servers:

    • salesman200 (SMP1)
    I want to be an AutoBot!
    Can your PC run a lightweight mod? What home server are you on? What's your name, and what timezone are you in? PM me with these details to be considered.

    You're sure this is okay with EMC rules?
    Current scripts will never activate unless specifically called with the AutoMe keyword at the start of the sentence, and do not reply in Town chat - they reply in Private Messages. If staff has any problems with this, I can fix them/take this down when notified.

    I have another question, or suggestion!
    Post it here! I'm happy to help or take something into account/fix something.
  2. Im very confused. How does this work exactly? and How do you use it?
  3. I dont think this will come.
    Simpely because people like to have some prive and have alts where they can do what ever they want.
    Only staff members can check IP's / usernames.

    If this is a suggestion it's in the wrong forum.
  4. So sorry for the trouble guys, the post was deleted due to the BBCode interpreter failing. But now I fixed it, so the post should be regular.
  5. Im pretty sure if you afk on that account, you can get in trouble for Illegal AFK Circumvention. I would not recommend doing that.
  6. I usually don't AFK much, but if staff has any problems with this I can set it to automatically type /away after replying to a command.