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  1. So I have understood how to create a afk fish farm. You do have to be there but you can leave it on overnight. Statistics:
    • Automatically refills your rod when it breaks
    • Very small structure, 5 by 8
    • Failure rate (very low) this occurs when a fish misses the hopper AND your rod breaks at the same time so the chance is very low.
    • Cheap price of 3.5k
    • And of course, fish domination!! :D
    As far as I know it does not create any lag.
    Remember as of 1.7 you can catch:
    • Puffer Fish
    • Salmon
    • Fish
    • Clownfish
    • Enchanted Books
    • Enchanted Bows
    • Enchanted Fishing Rods
    I will install this quickly. To indicate space I should build show me or leave a select block (Mention in the thread what kind of block) around the perimeter of it. Note that this machine has proven successful so far, and I haven't a lot of experience with it. Please note all bugs below.

    Thank you- Cow's company
  2. This is not aloud. Doing player abilities while afk is illegal.
  3. Really? My apologies sorry. Thread closed.
  4. I just buried all the profit in a hole... thanks for the tip demon! :D
  5. +1
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  6. Having the machine is fine and using is fine, you just have to be AT the computer while doing this, that mean no overnight afking but if your watching a movie on another screen or doing homework/ reading a book it is 100% fine. If a mod pms or step in your view your expected to answer in a timely manner so they know that your not afk fishing.
  7. I just destroyed the machine, so people wouldn't think I used it. I also buried all the fish n stuff.