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Would you like one

Yes Potions all around 5 vote(s) 100.0%
No Go away :( 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Are you tired of brewing multiple potions without being afk? Are you tired of your redstone thingies not working? Well you came to the right place... I'll be building you an auto brewer! All you gotta do to get one is PM this and I will send you a list of the items needed for this build.
    for example
    One Brewer Please
    What smp or utopia: smp9
    What residence:19000
    After you have pm'd me that I will send you a list of items as I said. All ya gotta do is put a chest full of those items where you want your auto brewer I will tell you If I need more room and it's that simple!
    this build will cost you all the items needed and About 15k Plus the cost of materials: so it would end up being 20k (5k for materials)
    PS. I did take daveiscool321 Idea however the design is one from the internet. also feel free to come check mine out at smp9 /v +auto if im on i would love to give you a devonstration.

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  2. You guys use the same design :p
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  3. Its a good design :) the only one of its kind and greatness :p