|SERVICE| Animation and Momentus brought to his head?!?!?!?

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  1. Hi all!:) PM me if you would like me to animate something for you. Cost will be determined on the complexity. My signature was just a small thing that I made easily so for you to want one similar would be very cheap averaging around 100r. I will even make it into a form usable for signatures if you would like. 2013-09-21_15.43.19.png
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  2. Can I have me falling into lava from a super tall building :D
    Will pay 1k
  3. pm me all the details of how you want it to happen and possibly a screenshot of a building you would like to fall from.
  4. I would just like me falling off of this into lava - 2013-09-30_17.20.22.png
  5. k that will be easy
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  6. Was there an error?
  7. pretty much
  8. Too marlixs's firing at each other at the same time, and die-ing at the same time... 300r If you can make marlixs. The background can be all white.
  9. I don't know how to do a marlix so it won't work sry