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  1. Hello, this is my Supply Company. My company currently only sells the items below in quantities of a single chest or a double chest. I will be adding all forms of Logs in the future. If you need any other items please just ask. Please send all orders through this thread Will not accept any orders in the form of PM. Pick up is at res. 16691 on smp8 in the Pickup rooms. Orders will be filled within a few days.

    Hardened Clay- sc: 2k dc: 4k
    Glass- sc: 2.5k dc: 5k
    Sand- sc: 1k dc: 2k
    Cobblestone- sc: 750r dc: 1.5k
    Stone- sc: 1.45k dc: 2.9k
    Netherrack- sc: 1k dc: 2k
    Nether brick- sc: 2.5k dc: 5k
    Endstone- sc: 3k dc: 6k

    MAX of 3 doubles chests per order

    So far all orders have been filled and picked up within 24 hours of the order being placed!

    Please send all orders in the form of this-

    [Item name] [SC or DC] [amount of SC or DC]
    [Item name] [SC or DC] [amount of SC or DC] depends if you want more items
    [DIN] (Yes/NO)
    [Final Price]

    If you want me to stop what i'm doing and fill your order now just add 10% to your total cost and tell me [DIN] which means Do it now.

    I will fill orders as I get them but a [DIN] order will be moved to the top of the list. I'll keep the list posted on this form.

    You can use /v +ACorp to get to the pickup on smp8.


    None atm
  2. Hi,
    What does IGN mean ?
  3. In Game Name.
  4. huckleberry24
    cobblestone DC x2
    DIN= YES
    Total= 3300r
  5. OK - Cancel that order
  6. bemvino87
    Endstone (DC)
    [DIN] (No, but soon :p)
    Also, would you mind changing the text color of the items you sell? I am having a hard time reading it. Thanks.
  7. High_Jacker
    Glass DC
    Stone DC
    DIN-Yes (I Will Not Be Able To Pick Up Very Soon Or Pay You, But Will Pay You And Pick Up Next Time Im On And If Its Ready)
    Total-7.9k +10%= 8, 690r

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  8. Hi High_Jacker I have your order waiting in Pickup Room 1. Ill put access for you on the chest as soon as I see that you paid me in my transaction history! And then you can just pick it up whenever. Thanks for shopping!
  9. Hi Bemvino87 I have your DC of endstone waiting in pickup room 1. I'll give you access when I see that you paid me in my transaction history. Then just pick it up whenever. Thanks for shopping!
  10. Hi - if i were to order cobblestone how long would it take ?
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  11. hello , after all of that i would like to order this again :p

    cobblestone DC x2
    DIN= YES
    Total= 3300r

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  12. Order all done! you know the drill!
  13. Dc Of Glass
  14. Deadmaster98
    [Stone] [DC]
    [Final Price- 2.9k]
    ty in advance :)
  15. Allengero
    Hardened Clay 3 DCs
    Final price 12k
  16. [IGN] PAVI259
    [Item] Hardened Clay DC for 4k (Can you dye it Cyan or will it cost more?)
    [DIN] No, but the sooner the better
    [Final Price] 4,000r
  17. Deathconn
    Netherbrick (2 DC's)
    In 5 days please
  18. High_Jacker
    Endstone (1 DC)
    In A Week Please