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  1. Hello EMC players, I AlarmGoesBeep will be setting up a bulk supply service under the Company name Candidates LTD and will like to expand this in the future with other services. I will be running such as bulk supply with the aim not just to make money but be able to provide such a service to my fellow minecrafters. This bulk supply business will take a while to get up and running so therefore I will be capping any orders to 5 DCs of Blocks. This will increase in the future when I have employees working for me.

    Yours, Alarm

    Cobblestone: DC 3k SC 1.5k
    Stone: DC 4k SC 2k
    Glass: DC 12k SC 6k
    Stone Brick: DC 4k SC 2k
    Oak Log: DC 10k SC 5k
    Jungle Log: DC 12k SC 6k
    Acacia Log: DC 12k SC 6k
    Birch Log: DC 10k SC 5k
    Dark Oak Log: DC 12k SC 6k
    Pine Log: DC 12k SC 6k
    Netherrack: DC 1.5k SC 750r
    Sand: DC 6k SC 3k
    Sandstone: DC 6k SC 3k

    How to Place an Order:
    An order can be placed by taking these few simple steps.

    What Item you are Ordering:
    How much of that Item:
    The Overall Price:

    Pick-up Point.
    The pick-up point will be at RES 11257 on SMP5. Just use the teleport sign to go to Order Collection Room. You pay on arrival to AlarmGoesBeep. If the order is small enough I will mail it to you.

    People Waiting to be served :
  2. Can i have a sc of stone brick?
  3. Just a point: 1 SC of stone costs 2k, but a DC/2 SCs costs 5k. In theory it should cost 4k. You may get more interest by making a DC cost less than a SC time two.
  4. Question:

    Why so Pine Logs cost less than Oak?
  5. Will I ever get my orders?
  6. What Item you are Ordering:sand
    How much of that Item:2 DC
    The Overall Price:5k
  7. I'm setting up a huge project soon and I hope to be using your services :)
    This is a great idea & the prices are very reasonable, great job :D
  8. Thanks, If you order large enough may do it cheaper.
  9. Bump! Updated Prices.
  10. I think I'll find somewhere else, Thank you :)
  11. I placed an order a while back and was wondering if it was completed. It was for 2DC Oak Logs, 1DC Netherrack, 1DC Cobblestone, and 1SC Glass. The total cost now is 20.5k. If you can, I would also like to add a SC of Glowstone. Any price below 14k is just fine for the glowstone. Thank you
  12. No problem will get it done. I'll message you when done.
  13. My order was completed but I haven't picked it up yet. There was a DC of sand in the chest the DC of Cobble was supposed to be in. I will be sure to pay you for and pick up my order once the DC of cobble is there. Thanks for the order
  14. Changed thanks.
  15. Ordering: Netherrack
    Quantity: DC
    Price: 1.5k
    Ordering: Glass
    Quantity: SC
    Price: 6k
    Total price: 7.5k :)
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  16. In the process.
  17. Finished ready for pickup.
  18. Ok... Sorry I am late
  19. No problem mate. Just pickup when ready

  20. Paid. Where are the chests for pickup?
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