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  1. Its Back!!!!

    Hello Everyone,

    I am Alarm, some of you may know me and well this is the return for good this time as I am starting to enjoy minecraft again and looking for a service to provide and I thought why not bring this back and I am here to offer you a great bulk supply service. I will be doing these orders when I have the time to do so but it will be quick don't worry about that. You will be able to order a maximum of 2 DC's. Enjoy.


    Building Blocks
    • Stone – DC = 3,500r
    • Stone Brick- DC = 5,000r
    • Cobblestone – DC = 3,000r
    • Sand – DC = 8,000r
    • Red Sand – DC = 20,000r
    • Red Sandstone – DC = 34,000r
    • Smooth Red Sandstone – DC = 38,000r
    • Sand Stone – DC = 10,000r
    • Smooth Sand Stone – DC = 10,000r
    • Creeper Sand Stone – DC = 10,000r
    • Gravel – DC = 17,000r
    • Brick- DC = 55,000r
    • Clay- DC = 50,000r
    • Snow- DC = 24,000r
    • Ice- DC = 10,000r
    • Glass- DC = 9,000r
    • Mycel- DC = 10,000r
    • Granite – DC = 10,000r
    • Andesite- DC = 10,000r
    • Diorite- DC = 10,000r
    • Wool (Any colour)- DC = 6,000r
    • Dark Oak- DC = 6,500r
    • Jungle- DC = 6,500r
    • Spruce- DC = 6,500r
    • Birch- DC = 6,500r
    • Oak- DC = 6,500r
    • Nether Brick – DC = 8,000r
    • Quartz Block- DC = 138,240r
    • Nether Rack- DC - 25,000r
    Willing to supply stacks off any items that are not on the lists, Just message me the item and I will price and see if your happy and if so I will mail it to you when the order is done, otherwise enjoy your day.

    Order Form
    Fill out this form and enjoy the process and hopefully I will be able to do your order.

  2. Why does nether rack cost 4x as much as nether brick? Lol
  3. It's probably the other way around, that would make sense.
  4. *cough* 3.125 times more *cough*
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  5. Cause people are going to order Netherack to take the piss, So why not make they cant but if you want it bad enough its there.
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  6. It still doesn't make sense? If somebody wanted to take the piss, they'd order tons of nether brick, not nether rack. Nether brick is much more annoying to get.
  7. Yeah but Netherrack is such an easy item to collect, there for people will just get me to waste my picks just to get an item which they will probably burn anyways.
  8. What is this piss you speak of taking? It's confusing me. :/
  9. Oops, I ordered 3 DCs of glass, but just saw the 2 DC limit. Can I change my order to 2 DCs?
  10. Yeah I will change it.
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  11. i ordered
    but when do i pay?
  12. Can you do colored glass?
  13. Depending on Colour
  14. Light blue.
  15. ?? xD
  16. How much would you charge for DC of quartz flakes?
  17. When order is done.

  18. :confused:

    138k for DC of blocks. Shouldn't the flakes be 15k approx?
  19. Ohh my bad, read it wrong should be about 17k for Bulk service, thought it was ore.
  20. xD All good :) Could I get 2 DCs of Quartz Flakes then please :)

    Sorry didn't see the form. Filling out now.

    EDIT2: Order placed. Thanks.