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  1. Intro:
    Hello everyone! Do you want blocks to be delivered right on your doorstep? Are you sick and tired of collecting blocks for your huge projects? Well this is the service for you! These blocks are in need of a home! This is a bulk service where I, will be collecting various blocks such as logs, stones, sand, and more. This service allows you to order DC's in any quantity for your building needs. You may have the option of picking your items up, or have it delivered to your desired residence with an [Access] chest.

    How to order:

    If you would like to order, simply reply to this thread stating what block(s) you would like, and the number of DC's you would like to buy and state the price. I will be taking 3 orders at a time.

    Green: Current Orders. Yellow: Orders are on hold until Green orders are complete.

    • Stone: 2k per DC
    • Granite/Andesite/Diorite: 3k per DC
    • Stone Brick/Cracked/Mossy Brick: 2.5k per DC
    • Hardened Clay (All colors): 4.5k per DC
    • Sand (Both types): 1.5k per DC
    • Glass (Normal & Colored): 4.5k per DC
    • Logs (All types): 3.5k per DC
    • Wooden Planks (All): 500r per DC.
    1. EffinBatman : G.A.D 1DC, Sand 5DC, Glass (Each) DC, Logs 10DC (Choice)
    2. PenguinDj : 3DC of Oak Logs
    3. Chocolate800 : 1 DC of all types of wood planks.
    Order on Hold:
    1. SteveClasher : 2 DC of all types of wood planks.
    2. Epic0258 : 1 DC of Black ST. Clay
    3. ww2fan168 : G.A.D DC, Both Sand types DC.
    4. akaikee : Each log DC, 2 DC Sand,1 DC Blk and Blue ST Clay, 1 DC Normal Glass, 2 DC of all Planks.
    Large orders (Will be working on your order while finishing with others)
    1. cadgamer101 : Lager order is being worked on, while finishing other orders.
    There are currently no spots available. Thank for being patient. :D
    Extra information: Some orders may be delayed due to IRL stuff and with school starting soon and stuff. I'll try to complete orders as soon as I can. Estimated Time per Order: 2days-2weeks. :)
    Thank you, these blocks rely on your love. :)
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  2. Can i place a order for 1dc of OAK logs and 1dc of stone
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  3. Are you doing planks? :p
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  4. Order:
    One DC of each, thank you.
    That is 55 DC's, when all types/colors are included, 198,500 r.
    I will round up the payment :).
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  5. Good question. I'm going to add that so yes, I will be doing planks. just check the op in a moment. :)
  6. order : Granite/Andesite/Diorite 1 dc of each
    Sand 5 dcs
    Glass: 1 dc of each color
    Logs: 10 dcs total your choice

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  7. Would you like an individual block, or every type of the item? :)
  8. 3 DCs oak logs, please. :)
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  9. 1 DC of all types of wood planks. :)

    Total Amount: 3k
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  10. I will take 2 of that for 6k total

    Since you got a lot of orders I can wait 2 weeks no problem just pm me when its ready.
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  11. 55 DC's total, I clarified right after I posted, you can re-read my post, thanks :)

    Also, I can not start a forum PM wiyh you, so please start one with me.
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  12. Ok, will do. Thanks for your patience. :)

    Yes, I saw that you clarified when I posted my question. I'll start a convo with you right now. :)
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  13. can i plz have a dc of black stained clay :p
    thats all
    that would be 4.5k for you :)
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  14. Bump. :)

    Alot of items are being collected. o.o
    Also the final bump of the night. :)
  15. Order:
    DC of Andesite, Granite, and Diorite
    DC of red and normal Snad
    Total: 12k, payment given once received.
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  16. I'd like to place the following Order:
    • 1DC of Oak Wood Logs
    • 1DC of Birch Wood Logs
    • 1DC of Spruce Wood Logs
    • 1DC of Jungle Wood Logs
    • 1DC of Acacia Wood Logs
    • 1DC of Dark Oak Wood Logs
    • 2DC Sand
    • 1DC of Black Stained Clay
    • 1DC of Blue Stained Clay
    • 1DC of Glass (Normal)
    • 2 DC of Planks for Every Wood type (12 DC's)
    Total Payment: 43,500 Rupees
    I can pay half now, and the other half later.
    Just tell me if a spot opens up for me.

    EDIT: Added Planks to the order!
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  17. Alrighty, you'll be notified when a spot is open. :)

    You too Akaikee, you'll be notified when a spot is available. =P I prefer delivery first and then payment. Just to avoid any possible confusion. :)

    Thanks for the patience everybody! :D
  18. Thanks :)
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  19. Your order is ready. When you're available, pay and come by +pickup on smp8, and I'll set up access chests. :)
    Ok, you both have been added to the waiting list. I'll let you know when your orders are being worked on. ;)
    You've been placed on current orders, I'll let you know when your order is ready.;)
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