[Service]Affordable Enchanted Tool/Weapon Crafting and Naming

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  1. Service
    So you want a nice enchanted diamond pick... sword... bow, but don't want to spend hours getting all the xp and materials to make them shine? I'm offering an all inclusive service to craft and provide you with any tool or weapon with enchantments to your own specifications. This means no more losing time at the enchantment table and trying your luck, potentially wasting your diamonds on shoddy enchants! I am able to supply/craft/enchant wood though to diamond grade tools and weapons with ANY applicable enchant. Already have a treasured item and looking for someone to repair it? I can also be of service, offering repairs for weapons and tools.
    The order will be completed ASAP and should never take more than a day or two. KEEP IN MIND orders should not exceed around 5 tools, as this is fair to fellow consumers.

    Cost and Payment methods
    Each item will be priced in accordance with material and xp production costs in mind however prices are reasonable. My means of production has become EXTREMELY affordable, meaning lower prices for you while a nice profit for me!. For example a diamond pick with enchants Unbreaking 3, Fortune 3 and Efficiency 5 would be priced at 3k. Picks of this quality are being sold from 10k to even 35k elsewhere, and is a bargain considering how much xp is involved. I prefer direct transaction (/pay) but am open to setting up access chests and stuff. Feel free to enquire via my contact info below regarding pricing of specific items and alternative payment methods :)


    Order List:

    Please note, new customers will be prioritized above old customers.

    Renaming (custom name of your choosing or my suggestion) is flat rate of 200 per item. Mailing will require your covering the 50r fee per item.

    You can send an order request to me via PM, in game mail or chat if you see me around on smp3 7396

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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  2. think I am going to use this :D
    One thing though,
    Eff V unb III fortune III picks arent 10-35K, I mostly see them around 5K - 5.5K
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  3. I'm sure you're right, however I have in fact seen them selling within the price range at multiple stores on smp3. Thanks for your feedback though!
  4. God fortunes are usually 5-11k :) Enchants have a strange pricing to them. They usually end up being priced based on enchanted book cost, but a simple lucky 30 enchant and an extra eff IV book, your pick is suddenly the equivalent of three expensive books. going to order when I'm not dead sick
  5. Big order: 2 eff V unb III diamond pick
    1 eff IV unb III silk I diamond pick
    1 eff V unb III diamond axe
    1 eff IV unb III diamond shovle
    5 tools
    What is the exact price and how long do you think it takes to make them?
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  6. I would like to order 15 pickaxes with the following enchants:

    Efficiency V
    Fortune III
    Unbreaking III

    At this price, if my math is correct the total should be 45k.

    Can you please do them before next weekend, I have a lot of digging to do (4 holes that are 30x30 to bedrock)
  7. Edits post* removes 'big'*
  8. Thanks for the interest. As stated offers can be submitted via inbox/pm and this makes each transaction much easier to process. As such it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. sorry o.0
    I have send you a PM
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  10. I understand :) Thank You

    Done :)
  11. Yeah, would you be able to make a list of enchantments in a spoiler or something, so we get an idea of what we can afford to order? :)
    Ooh, and repairs :0 Do you repair?
  12. As there are a multitude of enchant combos for different tools I find its easier to provide a quote for price, unique to a person's specific order. Repairs are also available
  13. What would the price be for 3 picks with Eff V, Silk, Unbreak 3? (If you do these :))
  14. I would like to order 54 pickaxes with the following enchants:
    Efficiency V
    Unbreaking III

    Please let me know the price
  15. As you might be aware I have noted in the service post that orders should not exceed 5 tools as large orders place a massive delay on those next in line when their orders may only be small
  16. I don't think this rule was in place when I ordered, is my order still being processed? Or will I have to order a new order?
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  17. Same question
  18. darn then im placing an order for 11 times 5 pick is that OK?
    Efficiency V
    Unbreaking III