[service] 2D statue! Any skin!

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  1. [Owner] Bloodycrap101

    [Supplier] itsanicesunnyday

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    For only 1000R you could have your very own...2D Statue!
    This is the statue I Built! see it at /v 16524 !!!

    Request Template
    Res: 16524
    User: itsanicesunnyday

    Please note: The User section is if you want the skin to be for a friend. If you would like the skin of you please type your Username (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS CASE SENSITIVE!)

    Also Note: I will supply my own wool


    Remember: This is a 2D statue NOT 3d

    Note: I need building permission once I am done building the statue you may remove my build permission!

    if your skin has many shades the statue may not look very well due to there not being a block for every shade

    Got extra wool? come sell it to my 2nd res!!!!
  2. Just finished Tingaring's statue!
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  3. I can make 3D statues, if you like I could teach you how =)
  4. I would request one on my 2nd res.
    I'll show you where.
  5. Sure thing I think that would help a lot
  6. Please use the standard format

    Res: 16524
    User: itsanicesunnyday
  7. ok if we could plan to meet up on a creative server maybe? what time are you available?
  8. Id say when i finish with Ocelotawesome's statue
  9. Ok:
    Res: 16970
    User: Ocelotawesome
  10. ok
  11. Ocelotawesome Due to the amount of shades in your skin my app is having a little trouble trying to find the right kind of blocksthis is what it currently looks like i could try and even it out a little or you could try a different skin with less shades
  12. I think I found a work around for that though :)
    (Thanks to Chewsy4 for suggesting Novaskin)

    EDIT: but it still wont look the best because i cant use shades of wool
  13. Great!
  14. Just finished Ocelotawesome's statue!
  15. I would like one on my 2nd res on smp8 if you could. I can show you where and i will mark it!
  16. Please use the standard format

    User: itsanicesunnyday

    but yes i will build it on your res
  17. Just finished Zion_Moyer's statue!
  18. Finished MrGraywolf's statue!
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  19. Hi! :)

    Res: 16339
    User: MistyLou