Servers Down

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Gadget_AD, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Hey i cant seem to get on any of the servers they seem to be down anyone else having trouble?
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  2. well then time to take a shower. I get home, sign on. And everything just crash and burns :D
  3. I cant get on either, and im meant to collect my god swords D:
  4. Same. :p Aikar.. probably not aikar this time. #BlameJustinGuy
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  5. Yeah I'm having problems as well... I've check the Mojang help website and everything there seems good so it must just be where are servers are.
  6. Well I can get on other servers, but just seems to be EMC alone, cross fingers for 1.7 guys :p
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  7. Probably just normal accident

  8. I REALLY hope so. :D
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  9. And so comes the usual flood of threads about it :rolleyes: oh well...
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  10. But theres only 2 :(
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  11. I only posted this to see if it was only me having trouble or was everyone turns out to be everyone. :)
  12. give it time :)
  13. I love how whenever stuff like this happens my 'Alert' tab always gets flooded with stuff
  14. SMP5 is still online. :p
  15. And there having a party at /town
  16. I cant get on but it seem some people can. Check the online players list
  17. They are up!