Servers down....its ALL down.....freaky.

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  1. The servers are down and at the worst time..... Time to share stories. I was in a cave with diamond horse armor near a whole stack of blocks of iron, blocks of gold, blocks of coal, blocks of redstone, and some cool pick axes as well as some other good stuff. So the next thing I know, I fell down do to a creeper blast, and I blocked myself in because no sooner I kill a mob creature another re-spawns directly in front of me. I was being horded like EM decided to play a cruel trick and put it on nightmare. Every mob to include enraged ones were spawning left and right as I said. After getting away from them and a creeper blowing itself as well as the rest of those mobs to the NETHER, I finally found a place and lit it up to eat and fix some gear. No sooner I put a torch out an Enraged Zombie finds me, and despite armor and full health, He hits me once to catch me on fire and kills me. I found the location very quick, because hey, thats a lot of good stuff, but as usual and once again, MY STUFF IS GONE AS IF THAT UGLY GREEN BURNING THING WAS A MUGGER! Hey nice stuff, *BAM* *BOOM* * FLAMES* dead. Seriously, aside form servers being down, anyone noticing your stuff is totally gone when killed now? Maybe its the game glitching since it did happen so close, but still this happened before. My stuff just isnt there when killed by an enraged zombie.
  2. You have five minutes to get your gear. Unless it fell into lava.
  3. I can' t connect to any server or Nothing works for me. D:
  4. Lol no like, I can connect to other servers that aren't EMC but I can't connect to anything EMC.
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  5. Use
  6. How are you trying to connect at the moment?
  7. It didnt fall in lava. I also notice that when I die from regular monsters, SOMETIMES, i can see the loot spread out at my dead body. When an Enraged Creature kills me, my stuff is gone.