[Servers Down] All EMC - DON'T POST THREADS

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by The_Boulder, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. Yes, Staff knows about the servers being jerks at the moment and we are looking into right now. Meanwhile watch this video and please don't post new thread about servers being down. :D
  2. Lol, I was just about to go on XD
  3. Oh lol, i came back and i was like aw i cant connect,
  4. Was coming back to kill the withers at a wither farm :/
  5. Go Creepers!!!
  6. They just wana hug you. It isn't their fault that they are allergic to people and their sneezes are explosive...
  7. You posted a thread. About not posting a thread. lol.
  8. Well Staff posted this thread to stop members from posting multiply threads about the servers being down.
  9. I thought they tried to hug people, realize they have no arms, get mad and explode?
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  10. ^.^ I just enjoy irony lol.
  11. The weird part is that whenever EMC is done, more people are on the forums. Probably making crash threads. :p The togetherness of it all is sickening... or it could just be that the crash is sickening. Same thing, really. :p
  12. Oh! Maybe so!
  13. 264 total right now, more guests than members.
    Which is a good thing of course :)
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  14. *Sees news thingy says "No Problems" and tries to go on...*

  15. Any clue when it'll be back? :p
  16. That's for the Mojang servers :)
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  17. I hate when the servers Restart after a server Down Time, i tend to lag for the next hour while the server reloads the chunks, Anyone else have this?
  18. Oh. I guess I lied about my whole life being a lie, then. :p
  19. Nope.
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Not open for further replies.