Servers at max capacity! :)

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  1. Just got online (at work of course :p ) and noticed that it's Friday night in the USA, and all of the Empire SMP servers are FULL! 60/60 :D
    Anyone noticing any performance issues?
    Glad to see the Empire is thriving with so many players!
    I only wish I was home to stock my shop today... :(

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  2. Yeah we added 45 new slots yesterday (15 more on smp2,3,4) and that was practically like adding another new smp. Already we are full during the peak hours, #winning
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  3. I see you use the Dark-Green Theme.
    I use the Dark-Blue Theme, though I do like the green one also. :)
  4. Nurgle = Green :)
    (there is no option for brown or puss colors...)
  5. How did you change the color? and JustinGuy! is this a hint for smp5?! :D
  6. Just click on your name at the top right of the screen, and select preferences.
  7. :p Probably not.I will make no promises.
  8. I still dont know how to change the color :l i did what Nurgles said and it wasn't there :(
  9. On the very bottom left hand corner of the site, under the Kalland Labs logo click the current theme link.
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  10. A picture's worth a thousand words... :)

    When you click on your name, you should see this drop down menu... third on the list is 'preferences' and you just click it. Hope that helps!

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  11. This makes me mad..
  12. I'll just stick with dark-orange lol xD i am so use to it :p
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  13. Well, I feel the same way. I'm glad that the servers are thriving even more, but I'm frustrated that they're full already. Ahh well. >.>
  14. We are sorry but the community is growing and the spaces will fill up fast :( being a supporter will get you a spot even if it is full. Just even 5 dollars a month