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  1. Hi,

    I have just been thinking recently. What are the overall specs of the EMC servers? Do you use a separate server to host XenForo on or does that run on the Dedicated Servers as well?

    Sam :)
  2. Well in a thread Jack said it's using a dedicated server. Expect a Dedicated server for all EMC servers.
  3. Yes I knew that already :p I just wondered the exact specs. Like the up-link speed and processors.
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  4. there are 5 game servers, 1 proxy server(Gigabit Port), 1 master database server, private switch, all dedicated, and then a VPS on LiNode for the website. But I am going to eventually get rid of the website server, migrate it and into a single server inside of our other datacenter we host at, to consolidate accounts/reduce cost.

    We do not host the site on a game server itself or then game servers could be more affected by a DDoS
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  5. Can you tell us the server host or are you hosting at your house?
  6. Lol I wish we had Google Fiber already to get a Gigabit port at my house... (Google is planning to bring Gigabit Fiber to our area!!!)

    But we use
  7. He uses Hivelocity. Just for the info it's not a game server company. This is probably the best host out there. For serious overpowered servers xD
  8. Beat me to it xD
  9. You're getting Google Fiber! Wow :/ I have a 42 mbps connection.
  10. Still fast but now I'm jealous :p
  11. When you get Google Fiber don't leave us because of the TV