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  1. When any player is logged out of the server when full and then reserved their slot for 2 minutes, does the available slots still remain saying 45/45 for 2 minutes or does it say 44/45 but doesnt allow others to log in ?
  2. Unfortunately it says 44/45, because Minecraft is just reporting on how many people are actually on. I am trying to find a way to fix this.
  3. Oh thought so, it doesnt bother me execpt when it gets as low as 42 and i cant get on
  4. Yea thats a pain in the ass i think justin working a away to kick the AFK'ers so people the r actually playing can get on
  5. That would also be great
  6. If you are a supporter and no matter how full you can still log on.
  7. On the same topic of server slots, I'd really like to know if it's possible to make a waiting room type setup. Every now and then I'll take about an hour trying to get on the server and I know as a fact that at least 1 person that started trying to get on half an hour after me got in before me and that bugs me a lot.
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  8. Sorry, I have been working for two days straight to try and expand to more players.
  9. are u going to expand?:)
  10. Do you know the approximate upload and download speed (in megabits per second)