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  1. Hey guys. Recently I've seen discussion about how EMC should have a smaller player space( How many people can get on a server). I would like to hear the community's thoughts on the idea.
    Smaller Server Space
    1. More supporters (Reserved slots)
    2. Less Players Less Lag
    3. We would have more full servers.
    4. The mods would have less work to do
    5. It would allow for the possibility to track griefing by blocks.
    6. The wild might not see as much damage

    1. People might leave because of Pressure to donate and lack of space
    2. The importance of a Full Server would be way less important.
    3. The servers would be like ghost towns if few players got on.
    4. There would be constant kicks because of Supporters logging on a Full Server.
    5. The community would be in danger of being abandoned.
    6. EMC might become a "Dominant Donator" style community.
    7. The economy would take a hit and business will fail because of decrease in players.
    8. EMC won't be ready for sudden increase in players.
    9. EMC would become less appealing.
    So I would like to hear from the community about other pros and cons.

    I think we shouldn't because it would lower the player base hugely also making it less of a good community
  3. ICC: "AND NOW, we present to you, SMP10, SMP11, SMP12, SMP13, AND SMP14!"

    Yeah, they would still have the same amount of work, if not more.
  4. I don't think that this would help. Supporters kicking is basically a threat to the server, maybe even griefing/PVP if that happened.

    Donators are already "Dominant Donators", but I really don't know much about it. Maybe there could be a section for ONLY supporters to join, like lets say:

    75 people aloud, 25 only for supporters, and 50 for non supporters. Supporters do not affect the "Non supporter" section.

    Anyways, well thought out.
  5. It's been at 60 slots for normal users and 40 reserved slots since I started, I don't think it's gonig to change...
  6. Erm..... No.
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  7. Dominant Donator means that the server has become a place where being a free member equals no fun and lots of hassle.