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  1. I have noticed or maybe i am out of the loop, but the servers have not had any reboots.. me and others on smp1 are experiencing some lag, and reboots would decrease the lag? idk just an idea.. tell me what you think.
  2. smp1 just had a reboot I belive yesterday.
  3. Actually, smp1 had a reboot about 30 minutes ago
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  4. oh haha xP see out of the loop! i was making supper half hour ago :p Sorry guys
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  5. all servers had reboot about an hour ago.. Seems like there is less lag and mobs less glitchy atm
  6. I loved when server had the "Server is restarting in x time, reason: xxxxxxx" it maked me seem important, idk why.
  7. Servers most definitely reboot to have some time to eat some cake, because cake solves everything. Even lag.
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  8. Do server reboots wipe out constructions in the wilderness?
  9. Nope, It simply turns off and switches back on. This despawns a few things ans reduces lag :)
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  10. No, everything is saved right before the server is shut down, then reloaded when it is back up. If that happened the wilderness would be pointless, they'd be like "reset in 2 days" *2days later* "reset in 2 days" and no one would ever make anything in the wild, lawl.
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  11. As it should be :p
  12. :(
    The Last Light Outpost is nice...
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  13. Thanks for the answers!
  14. my minecraft just crashes
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