Server problems have duped my inventory........?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by PThagaard, May 31, 2012.

  1. So yeah, the last thing i did last night was to go back to my farm on Utopia - placed all my items in a chest, and went to bed.

    When i woke up this morning, i was spawned away from my farm - so i figured, ROOLBACK!

    I ran back to my farm, wanted to place my items in the chest... and i was sure i had gone mad...

    All items in my inventory was in the chest and in my inventory - 2 of each.

    • Am i the only one that has had this happen last night?
    • What do we do with the items? (Sadly, mainly junk from a minetrip)
    • How do we make sure that - if someone else had this bug, that they don't ruin the economy?
  2. Update:

    Just checked my other account - i enchanted a pick last night, ive got the pick - and also got the 50 levels..
  3. I probably have the redstone and redstone torch i got last night and it is probably in the chest i put them in last night. So possibly every object that was in someones inventory at a certain time last night is in it now no matter what they did in between.
  4. this happened to me.. but the opposite.. I dug out a hole room and had a chest full of ingots and some diamonds and alot of cobble. i get kicked and then come back and everything is gone like it went back in time a hour ago.. it sucked..
  5. Im surprised that noone else has this problem - or at least figured they would report it.
  6. Give them to ICC, I'm sure he will have fun blowing them up.

    [edit] I might be having this problem, but I wouldn't know, as I haven't logged on in game yet. I guess we'll see in the morning, eh?
  7. This has happened a few times over the last few month. At first it was limited to people in the wild but ow it's spread. Sucks.
  8. Yea, EMC is acting all weird now.
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  9. Ever since last weekends DDoS attack...
  10. Lol my XP reset and my enchanted axe I made I get to keep. Either than that not much has effected me or my other account.
  11. Before that everything was good.
  12. I think that JustinGuy may have more things on the legal side to deal with. Not just a simple server malfunction.
  13. Btw In previous similar circumstances there were no refunds or destroying of items. If there were then everyone would have mysteriously lost their silk touch pick And dragon egg??
  14. He has a lot of thing on his plate atm.
  15. I think they need another dev to work with him as he seems to be 100% busy
  16. I am a programmer. *hint, hint*
  17. Same *WINK *WINK I said i would work on a group plugin a while ago but he still hasn't sent me the EMC api
  18. We simply ask those that got duped items to be honest and destroy them. One of those things that happens sadly with tech going haywire, haha. Thank you much for reporting it to us though.

    Justin is only super busy at the moment because he's in the middle of moving this week across the country. He'll be back around once he's settled in his new home. :)
  19. Where is he moving from and too? And it had to happen today did it not?