Server Populations because of Events

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  1. I've noticed this a few times now.

    Certain servers get rammed to capacity because of events like Mob Arena and it's a bit unfair for the people who reside on that server.

    I think I recall it being said before that Utopia shares the same server hardware as one of the other servers, but obviously it runs off a different population count.

    Surely a better use of resources would be to move all Events to Utopia to:

    A: Get it some traffic and some use, maybe entice a few people to go Supporter once they see some of the stuff on it as it can act as a kind of advert

    B: Remove bottlenecks on standard servers during Events

    The players there wont be affected as they're all Supporters anyway so they skip the Pop cap.

    As someone who's had all three levels of Supporter on more than one account and is now back to bog standard grunt, I think it's only in fairness to those that reside on Event servers.

  2. Well, for events we generally raise the server cap temporarily. Just nudge the staff on the event if they forget to do this.
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  3. In the past, they increased the player cap during events due to this effect. Not sure why it hasn't happened recently, but I suspect that it will happen in future events.
    Edit: ... Oh well, a bit late haha.
  4. Raising the player cap is one solution, but I believe a tidier one is to set all this stuff on Utopia. We all had a massive crash on SMP5 during the event, was that MC or EMC / Event related?

    Also, with huge numbers and mobs, etc, comes lag. At least if it's on Utopia it'll affect less people going about their daily routine.

    I think it's also missing a chance to really advertise Utopia and the perks it brings with it in the Supporter packages.

    Think about it:

    All Event arenas are moved to Utopia and are surrounded by massive, impressive builds that make the most of the larger Residences.

    Players jump on to Utopia for, say, Mob Arena, go to the Arena, see all the massive architecture, fun stuff to do, etc, and think, "Hey, I kinda want one of the Residences..."


    Supporter in the bag.
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  6. Woop.

  7. Meh, I like the idea, just everyone might be thinking "Why on utopia...?"