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  1. Hey EMC I just started a minecraft server with void hosting a couple of days ago. I have everything setup but PERMISSIONS I can not figure the permissions out and need help. please could someone help me.
  2. So you mean like the ones in the guide?

    Advanced residence commands

    /res reset
    Reset your residence DELETING everything in it
    /res unclaim
    Unclaim your residence DELETING everything in it (and giving up ownership)
    /res info
    View detailed information about the residence you are standing in
    /res unstuck
    Moves you outside of the residence you are in
    /res tpset
    Set the teleport location in your residence
    /res default
    Reset all your res flags (permissions) to default
    /res pset PlayerName Flag True/False/Remove
    Set flags on a player (flags are like permissions)Must be standing in your res to use the command
    Example to give JustinGuy permission to build in your res: /res pset JustinGuy build true
    Available flags:
    move - Controls whether player can move inside the residence.
    build - Controls building permission (placing and breaking).
    use - Controls ability to use/access doors, levers, buttons, etc.

    container - Controls ability to access anything with an inventory: chests, dispensers, furnaces. [/spiler]

    Also, [/res set flow true/false] Turns off water flow. I'm not sure if this is supporter only. I don't believe it is, but I haven't found it in the guide as of yet.

  3. No I am talking about permissions for diffrent ranks on MY server
  4. Oh, sorry just read that spoiler, lol.
  5. Did you try beating it with a stick?
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  6. Which permission plugin are you using or going to use on your server. If we get that then maybe we may be-able help you more on this :)
  7. Use YAPP. All configurable from in game, and can add permissions nodes in bulk =)
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  8. What you mean this ( Yet Another Permission Plugin ) It is sort of easy. I have long-side PEX and Group Manager thought it is very good yer try it XD
  9. Thank you that really helped