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  1. Can somebody tell me how they got the town map to be so flat and only grass, also can somebody tell me what mods they got installed on these servers please
  2. Something to do with super flat worlds. And I think the server is vanilla so little or no mods. That's what I think anyway
  3. Everything done here is a custom plug-in and not for distribution at this point in time.
    If Justin shared everything he did here, we wouldn't have EXCLUSIVE features....
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  4. woo for emc being best server evar? :p
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  5. Erm no ? needed there

    unless of course you are asking for a woo

    in which case


    FYI - add the L to the end and well - think baaaa
  6. Like Twitch said custom plugins but there is a protection/self-serve permission/op based plugin called Residences in but its NOTHING like the plugin in EMC. The residence plugin is derived from JustinGuy's code so you wont find anything like EMC's plugin. Except for MultiVerse and DynMap that's from a outside source.
  7. You know what's sad - the fact that i know this is Ensign Haskel and Nagilum killed him - oh sad day.

    However, back to OP - best the say - look around - the mods installed are there to 'connect' Empire. Pretty much Vanilla ith some sprinkles added.
  8. YOU forgot JustinGuy's secret sauce ;)