Server Lag.

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  1. Yo mangs, we'z gettin some MAD server lag on SMP7. Ples help us u kno wat i'm sayin?
  2. yeah, you don't know how obnoxious this is yo I'm trying to do minecraft and shady stuffz.
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  3. I got on smp6 earlier and it was lagging pretty bad there too.
  4. in b4 rolling restarts.
  5. I blame flower power machines, i have one running and so do a lot of others
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  6. whatever it is, its annoying, yo.
  7. we need swag to fix it, any Type A swag donors out there?
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  8. I'm swaggin' out!!! HALP
    I need a swagbag STAT!
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  9. Don't be liek dishing on 7 der.
  10. quick someone get a swag doctor we're losing him!
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  11. What we need is 10 CCS of Burrito.
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  12. Yea right boi,
    I can handle it,
    cuz I am da Swag Master.
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  13. is pretty bad

    Most annoying had to be when you can't chat or interact with the server for 30 seconds then get loads of events coming at you in half a second lol
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  14. The lag on SMP7 (don't know about other servers) has been horrific lately; I have been trying to mine away, and blocks that I just mined will reappear and start suffocating me. Then later, I was outside at night, and a creeper was running up on me; I swing my sword like mad... nothing happens. Then suddenly I'm standing in pit with three hearts gone. This server lag is a crazy problem... please fix!