Server host?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Ryukk132, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Hey im just curious where is the Minecraft server hosted and who? my lag has seemed to increase alittle :(

  2. All the dedicated servers are in Florida in a co-location. I run and manage the servers. What server are you having trouble with?
  3. Justin, Is there any chance of getting a server in the UK? or Europe? as I know about 30% of the player base is UK.
  4. I have thought about this before. The challenge will be the connection between the US and UK servers. Things like the vault, XP, etc.
  5. The Connection Between the player and the server for vaults and stuff work fine, It's just the high Latency and jitter at times for fighting Mobs and even things like minecarts and boats.

    However is there a way to make the mob fighting handled client side, as right now it's server side. Like block placing is client side.
  6. No I mean that the servers would have to talk to each other to move stuff like the vault between servers n the US and in the UK. Currently they all sit in the same rack on the same switch so it is fast to talk to each other.

    Sorry as far as the fighting and other things go, that is all up to Mojang, we just do the best with what we have :)
  7. Ok, I get what you mean. But would the ping really make that much of a difference for the vault? As it would only take a few hundred MS to ping and request the Info, Maybe the info can be stored on a single server with all the others pinging to it?

    And some of the Bukkit Creators have joined Mojang, Which means they can update bukkit before 1.2 release? so it's ready on the day? :D