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  1. Ive made my own tekkit server :D but I can't play with family. I'm not allowed hamachi and I have a modem meaning I can't port forward. How can I make a server without those? I use Mac btw.
  2. Why aren't you allowed hamachi? It only crashes my laptop at startup.
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  3. Lol parents dont want me to, I used it a while ago and it was like some shared accounts stuff and parents didn't like it. Is there any other way?
  4. Use bukkit, although I am not sure you can use Tekkit with a bukkit server.
  5. ... I don't geddit.
  6. EMC and pretty much every server is run off of bukkit. It allows plugins to be installed.
  7. Your setup should be Modem -> House Router -> Client computers (Your computer, family computer, and whatever other computer) the modem does not need to be touched, it will have your correct IP, but it is your router that you would want to port forward on.

    If you do not know how to port forward on your router, there are a slew of different tutotrials on the Googles that can help you. As well as If you can not Port Forward or use Himachi, I am afraid that there is no option for delivering your server to the masses.

    Now you mention playing with family. If that is the case, it is much easier, as long as they are in the same home network. All you have to do then is find out the IP of your computer, not exactly sure how to do that on a Mac, but once you do, any computers on that network, just LAN side mind you, can connect just by typing in that local IP. Depending on your router, its usually a number or something along those lines.


    Just found a quick little link on figuring out the IP address of the Mac, with some nice pictures :)

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  8. If you are only playing with your family, then just set the game up for WLAN in the esc options.
  9. we also want to play with friends any maybe some emc members
    also so we can play we the host is not on
    and want to play tekit
    btw bekalusa my brother :D