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  1. Whenever I go on to the website my browser starts downloading a file called 'server.exe', I scan it with MS Security Essentials and it tells me it's a backdoor virus and the threat level is severe. It only happens on this site so I am going to avoid this site for now.

    Is this happening to anyone else?

  2. Do not run this file, I'm trying my best to get ahold of jeremy/justin but not having good luck.
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  3. I'm guessing moderators don't have the power to block people visiting the site do they?
  4. Hmmmm I wonder which server is screwing with us now... I thought it was the server file for emc somehow being released. Guess I was wrong haha
  5. I think it's fixed now, I'm not getting it any more :/
  6. It is possible that your computer is infected with something, I am not seeing anything that would be someone messing with us.
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  7. *A wild Justin appears* back from the islands? Oh I hope so :(
  8. No, its def on the EMC site, but its intermittent. I'm not seeing it now but it is for sure been placed somewhere on the site. contact me on IM if you can
  9. I'm not getting this issue any more but about 5 min ago everyone online seemed to be experiencing it. :/
  10. Hmmm... Im on ipad. Nothing showin up.
  11. Its possible it could come from a Google ad but that is pretty rare.
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  12. it's .exe so won't effect apple/linux. Infact, I might switch to ubuntu to be on the safe side... :p
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  13. Seems this couldn't of been timed any better what with 1.3 tomorrow :p
  14. It can't be from a google ad I was on my 2.2 Froyo android phone and got the server.exe file. Luckily I have avast! Mobile. EDIT: I forgot to mention I don't get ads on my phone on the empire site :\
  15. It seems to be gone now although I was getting it earlier.
  16. Looking into it, as a rule never run random exe files from the web haha.
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  17. no joke, some people may think its EMC related its on your site
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