"Server.exe" every time I load a forum page?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by margaritte, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. So yah, every time I load a page on the forum in the last 30 minutes, I get a popup asking if i want to run "Server.exe" -- pretty creepy. What is this, and why?
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  2. No clue why, but I get the same thing. Me no downloading anything :3
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  3. This just happened to me, I just say no. It works fine
  4. Ok, its not just me.

    It looks like we've got a major issue... I'm trying to reach justin but expect the site to shutdown soon.

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  5. Yup -- that's what I was worried about...
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  7. It's a backdoor virus with a severe rating from MS Security Essentials so I agree with Aikar, this shouldn't be ran.

    I'm guessing the site has been hacked.
  8. Ma'am.
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  9. I got the same problem.
    I downloaded the file 2 times but Norton Anti Virus 2012 blocked it.
  10. I believe he thought you were the man in the picture :p
  11. My sincerest apologies, No offence meant. hope non taken. :oops:
  12. On a related note, I was able to pull the IP address of the site that is serving the offending file from a security warning that I got on the same file.
    I did an IP lookup on whois.net and have sent and email the the site administrators for the site that appear to be hosting the file.
    My guess is they are completely unaware that they are hosting a malware file.

    I feel this may be coming from a link in someone's sig.
  13. gotta love anti-virus protecting us :)
  14. GAAHHHHH!!!!

    You tried to download it??!!

    BAD! BAD! BAD!
    Go sit in the corner and think about the potential ensuing disaster that you may have caused.
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