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  1. I play on smp1 and for the past 3 days the server goes does down for 5 sec and keeps saying something about internal error then you can log into the server again.. is anyone else experiencing this?
  2. I am sorry none of our large community answered.
    Please update this thread to say if it was a temporary trouble you got or maybe it's something that always happens.
    This has never happened to me before, but i believe this could happen because of your internet provider, please consider visiting other smp's or other minecraft servers to see if it's you or the server itself.
  3. There has been trouble for many people with the servers lately. I don't know a lot of the detail as to why but many have been complaining of connection issues, crashing and lag.
  4. Long story short without the more advanced info Justin can give:

    Minecraft 1.2 is twice as hellish on server loads than 1.0/1.1 was. Mojang hasn't quite caught up to being multiplayer friendly yet.

    Rest assured Justin is doing and contacting everyone he possibly can to make this happen as little as possible.
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  5. One thing I noticed is if you have an Admin answer your question then you will 100% get an answer that will help you
  6. Yes tomorrow I will be testing a new batch of changes, plus Mojang is promising a 1.2.4 release that has bug fixes :)
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  7. They have a thing for not keeping promises :/