Server downtime today (10/31) @ 4:00pm ET

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  1. Moving to the new server this evening and it is going to require an estimated one to two hours of downtime. This is part of the ongoing work to reduce lag, increase performance, and provide the server to more people. More details to come once we are up and running on the new server.

    This will start at 4:00pm ET (20:00 GMT). I apologize for the inconvenience and I will try my hardest to keep the downtime as short as possible.
  2. Sounds good.
  3. lol don't know how that minutes got into that, fixed ;)
  4. It was your subcontious thinking he was a badass and being able to get it done in minutes.

    I would have thought you'd have got it all up by now and just require a new IP to play on, that's how I'd have done it anyway.
  5. Yeah the downtime is to move DNS and the server needs to be stopped to move over the 5 gigs of world data ;) otherwise people would lose changes.
  6. Completely forgot about the size of the worlds
  7. so what are we getting a petter server but with the same ip ?
  8. It will be a new ip, I will post all the details when we go back up :)
  9. ok ime sorry juts read your thread then will it be similar though
  10. so your saying 45+ more people can play?
  11. We don't know what the exact number will be, but we will be able to put in more free slots. We will trial and error it until we get to the sweet spot. :)
  12. Justin said earlier that he's not sure how many more people will be able to play, but people are hazarding guesses that it'll be up to 120 people. Justin is going to trial different amounts of connections first :)
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  13. Getting close to having the server backup, it is generating all the live maps right now (sort of one last stress test).
  14. I am going to be keeping it at 45 for 24 hours so we can have a good benchmark to compare against the old server. I made a lot of changes in how Java handles memory, as well as running all the world files in ram. So if I bumped the max connections now we would have no way of telling if the changes made a difference. Please be patient I am working on this as hard as I can :)
  15. I was still right in what I said ;)
  16. Yes you were :)
  17. justin you are the most helpfull and active admin (so are you jeremy) you talk to the members and actually listen and do what your members want not just you and you always keep your promises
  18. This is the only way to be an admin ;)

    Almost done, just restarting and doing one last round of sanity checks. I want to make sure everything is in place and no on loses anything :)
  19. I can't wait! This will be so awesome having more people on! I will soon finish off my castle and then start a project that will change the face of EMC forever!!!!!!!
  20. Ok server is back online. If does not work for you try