Server down?

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  1. going down my tunnel and then i ran into a black nothingness. Disconnected and tried to reconnect and the servers can not be polled (i.e. no server to connect too).

    The squirrel used to turn the wheel to power the main server tripped and broke it's leg. Then suffered major concussion while it got tumbled around as the wheel spun from momentum. After the wheel stopped it fell out of the wheel and broke it,s neck as it hit the floor. So it would best to say all servers are down.
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  2. It is happening again.
  3. If your getting the 'please register with this code' message then don't worry. Justin seems to be pretty good at fixing it although you should have posted in ICC's topic instead of making a new thread.
  4. Did not know where to post it really. I am just having a really hard time connecting to server. Keeps saying can not find server, or i get connection reset.
  5. Try restarting Minecraft the post the message when you try to connect here.
  6. Done that and force update as well. Going to try cold restart of my lap top see if that will work.
  7. Have a go at that. It doesn't seem to be an EMC problem so it must be a Minecraft one or on your end.
  8. nope just says can't reach server. I can not get live map to come up either.
  9. Works for me. Try resetting your internet maybe?
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  10. Same for me, although the live map's refusing to work.