Server Down:(?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by fisherben, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. I just tried to get on the server and it said it was down. Why is it down?
  2. The server did have some issues this morning, it is just part of running a beta game :)
  3. The server seems to have crashed again some time around 45 minutes ago.

    ...looks like it might be down for the night. :(

    Just letting everyone know.
  4. I can┬Ęt log in too.. :(
  5. still down back from the bar ready to finish my farm and now connection X_X
  6. While the server is down who wants to come on my server i'm not advertising i'm just bored its a completely free build server
  7. Yes no one could get on which meens no one trampled my farm
    Come back up plz make this work Justin
  8. Sorry guys working on it now, almost fixed. Some 1.8 errors it seems. Of course it picks the only time I am not monitoring it, when I am sleeping!
  9. Actually I am looking deeper into it, it seems to be a hardware issue with the machine, I am working with the colocation technicians now..
  10. I wanted to check my farms before I go out of town for another band compition :(
  11. I know it sucks, I do everything in my power to provide the service as well as possible. Unfortunately game servers are a single point of failure because they don't run in a distributed environment.
  12. Ok server is back up, still working with the colocation to figure out what the hell the problem is. We will be extending the 10x rupee promotion a full day (it will end Monday night at midnight ET).
  13. thanks justin
  14. The server is down again, as of some 15 or 20 minutes ago. :(
  15. Trying to baby it back up again.
  16. Alright once again I apologize for the down time this morning (it was about an hour). The good news is that last night at my company BBQ I asked one of the smartest and most experienced system administrators I know for help, and he agreed to take a look! I have a feeling it is some sort of horrible 1.8 bug (an so elusive I can't find it).
  17. The server seems to have crashed again... about ten or fifteen minutes ago. It also went down briefly for a few moments some time within the last hour.

    Justin, Jeremy, I hope you will take my posts about the server being down more like reports than complaints. I understand it's a technical issue that you are trying to resolve.
  18. Yay!

    I guess we lucked out that you were awake. :)