Server Crash

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  1. As of about 10-15 minutes ago, I haven't been able to connect to any SMP. When all of them listed, some say they're online, but "Take too long to log in.". Others just say "Can't reach server", or "Connection refused.".

    Is this happening to everyone else? Plus, on the sidebar, it's been saying that SMP 7 is preparing for reboot for a while now. This may not sound like a big deal, but I've been AFKing at a grinder for a while now, and when the connection refused, I suppose all of the mobs despawned.

    EDIT: Now it says that "You can only connect to one EMC server at once".
  2. This is happening to me to, thought it was just me know that I know it's other people to I'm slightly more comfortable with the situation :)

    I messaged ICC about it, not sure when he'll get it... This wasn't sent on EMC ;)
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  3. SMP1,2,8,9 are down, utopia seems responding but can't logon.
    I was in the nether at the time...:eek:
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  4. i was waiting for one of these threads... when the server goes down a thread always pops up saying so :):p
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  5. Game Over, Man! Game Over! We lose! Aaaahhhh
    Ah...that's better.
    If mods don't know, then maybe the problem is with Mojang?
  6. Yeah, I put one up because I didn't see any. But it seems like it was happening to everyone else too and then chaos broke loose!
  7. Its raining lava, Wolves and Sheep sleeping together, Endermen building actual houses, villagers attacking zombies...I tell ya, its a mess out there.
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  8. I was about to post this, lucky I saw it :)

    Yeah, this is rather annoying.
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  9. i can get onto any other sever expt emc ones
  10. thus, why the thread was made. I was waist deep in sand, waiting to harvest all that glorious potential glass, when I got booted. I hope I don't end up smothered or something.
  11. Well, I logged in with a friend's account who wan't on the servers at the time when they crashed. It logged in fine to the servers that were up.
    Yeah, I think it's just the EMC servers which are down.
  12. SMASHING! Lets all spin around and press the left mouse button to simulate dancing!
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