server crash

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by oidking, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. did the servers just crash? thats all
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  2. Yep. Can't get back in.
  3. yeah its saying i have to join on the site and i had been here for over 250 days

    are they ALL down?
  4. You should click my eggs while we wait XD
  5. Same here! And it gives a code.
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  6. Yeah, just got the same message. :confused:!
    Ruh Roh!
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  7. clicked xD
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  8. Yeah, it says that thing before you join on the website to me, if i try smp9. if i try smp1, it just :( all together!

  9. It's fixed as of now.
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  10. now it says i con only be connected to one EMC server at a time :eek:
  11. Now it says I can only be connected to one server at a time. :confused:
    I was on SMP7 when it crashed. now I can't get back on. :eek:
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  12. that's nice. Unfortunately for me, I was on SMP8 at the time, so now I am getting the "Sorry, but you can only connect to one EMC server at a time" error. -.-
  13. i was on smp2
  14. I wasn't on any of the servers.
    It just won't let me on .... :(
  15. The servers should be back to normal shortly, thanks for your patience!
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  16. wow this is odd

    dont recall this happening thx jim;)

    I am EMC's lucky charm :p
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  18. Well time to play a little ace of spades.:p
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  19. :rolleyes:
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  20. Sad situation. Now I'm gonna be mobbed to death when I do eventually get back on. :eek:
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