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  1. TIME to earn another 500 Rupees with your epic story about what you were doing before the crash!
    Here the rules again for new guests!
    Don't fail to razzle, dazzle us with your story! You will be REWARDED for best story and claim your 500!
    1. You can only post one time and it must fit in one post. Choose your words wisely.
    2. IT must not break any of the Empires rules for posting, derp, as well as not degrade others stories.
    3. It must BE The TRUTH!....well hard to prove, but Im sure you are not fighting endless hordes of Ender Dragons, Withers, and Mini bosses all with a wooden sword....You know what, make it believable at least.
    4. Get DETAILED! Give us something GOOD to read, thats related to your actual time spent. Even iron farming. tell us about the zombies that constantly swarm around, above, below you, and whatever livens the story or something with truth to it. Tell us why you were buying something. (One liners don't work)
    5. It MUST be within an hour or so before the crash. Its ok to tell us what you were planning to do before the crash and what you will do after.
    6. HAVE FUN!
    7. Make Sure you have room to post What Server you were on with the EXACT spelling of your name and time you will likely be on.
  2. An Hour From Now I Was Sitting On The Biggest Funpark Ride In The World. The Next Thing I Know I Was A Wizard Learning Things From Hogwarts When All Of A Sudden Voldemort Came And Started Eating Potatoes And Farming On Minecraft. The Last Thing That Happened Was I Was At McDonalds And A T-Rex Came Through The Building. Then I Woke Up From My Dream And Got A Life :p

    I'll Be On Maybe After The Reset On smp9 res number 18184
  3. You forgot to capitalize three things smh.
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  4. I was eating a sandwich.. end of story.
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  5. I was doing some work and I got a halfway done, so yay for me. I decided to take a break and- *sob* -go on EMC for a bit. And I- I- I couldn't get on! *breaks down in tears*
  6. I had 3 things running in the background on youtube:
    (This is technically listenonrepeat but same thing)
    And I was um.... well, pantsless but that's besides the point. And I was finishing gathering white wool while taking down my res because it was ugly. And neonkillah was going to help me by spawning a ton of villagers buying wool. And I would have about a SC of emeralds or so by now if the server hadn't crashed. And then the server crashed while I was checking the forums. And then this happened. Then something in the future happened.
    The end.
  7. Turned on my computer. Started MineCraft. Tried to join Empire. Can Not Connect To Server.
  8. I was planning on and was about to start the best looking, most wonderful looking HQ that EMC has ever seen.
    It has well over 4 DCs of Quartz Blocks, 3 DCs or Quartz slabs, 1 DC of Quartz stairs, 1 DC of Emerald Blocks, 1 SC of Diamond and Gold Blocks, about 5-6 water fountains, 1 DC of Stained Clay, 1 DC of Glowstone, 1 DC of Glass Blocks and Panes, 1 DC of Lapis Blocks, 4 Beacons and finally 6 DC's of Stone Brick.
    This is all to be used on the HQ res.
    I went to sign on and nothing.
    Endless tears keep pouring out and find myself not handling this shutdown well.
    If anyone wants to see the design, please message me and you will get to see it......(maybe)
  9. I was in smp 2 park, trying to ease my mind from all the stress i have been going through lately. i pour my self a glass of whiskey and entered the peaceful word of smp2 park, to fish my sorrow away. The first couple of times were okay, got me a common fish, a salmon etc. but then, i felt deep inside, that the next one, the next one will be the one, an extremely beautiful and powerful bow that would help me through incredible adventures. so I swing my rod into the cold, dark water of the smp2 lake. i took a sip from my scotch and held my breath. As I see the bubbles approach my bait, my heart almost exploded, i was waiting patiently ready to pull the bow of my dreams out of the lake, i saw the bait go deep down into the water... than the server crashed.
  10. Congratulations to yuyzdf for WINNING! Your 500 rupees is ON the WAY!
  11. I thought if share mine anyways

    I was riding my 4,000 block long nether track back to spawn, I was in need of some more materials to build my every biome fort,

    (which has nether tracks connecting places that are a cross between multiple biomes, so I will end up with 5 mini forts that cover every single biome, minus the birch forest and the regular forest and ice plains because those don't have anything unique about them)

    I was going back to town to buy the never art onsidian for all the portals and ender chest I'd need