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  1. i would like you to add a chat box for the server at the site so like i can chat wile using mobile and it would be cool that the chat going ingame shows on site and like we can chat with them from site like advertising for your shop when you cant enter game please make this i will like it all supporters to this plz comment and like
  2. Having a chat outside of the game (site chat) might be a good idea. However having it feed all chat from the game into it would be too much, during peak times we have over 300 players online, that is a lot of people in one chat room!
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  3. Not only that, it would also siphon even more attention away from our already neglected forums.
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  4. i think having tells hooked up to an xmpp server would be cool, then you could chat with people with a jabber client like pidgin
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  5. Now that would be awesome, great idea, I am happy about this, but also angry cause I won't be happy until I research this today lol
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  6. To the LIST! XD
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  7. Justin, I'm a developer working with a new system called Node.JS. Using node.js, 300 connections would be "laughable" to handle, as people have had it maintain a MILLION connections.

    I'm taking it your using Java for the backend, with MC being java and all... but you could setup a node.js server that accepts connections from the SMP servers only on a specific port.

    Each of the MC servers would then connect to that, and send the chat messages to the node.js server.

    Then the node.js server would run a server ( its really sweet), that the node.js server accepts connections from all the web users, and they can choose their server to connect chat with, then the node.js server when it receives a msg on SMP2, relays it to all clients that chose SMP2.

    Then when server receives chat messages from the client, relay it back to the appropriate SMP server over the active TCP connection, where the java code can pick it up and send to game.

    You could run this infrastructure with only 1 small server. It wouldn't take much horsepower at all... that's the beauty of node.js, what this idea is proposing, is one of its strong points.
  8. Oh, and I'm suggesting you can only chat on a single server at a time, and I doubt the web hat would be as active as game, so maybe up to 80 max per room on weekends?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion :) node.js is for sure powerful and the "hot" new thing, do you enjoy JavaScript? I have used it before as well as other technologies. I have even built simple socket servers in PHP that handle tens of thousands of simultaneous connections. I wasn't saying that the technology would make it crazy. I just meant having hundreds of people trying to chat in one room. Even if you split it by server, Town chat is already busy without adding in even more players from the web. I honestly don't see the value in mixing web chat with in-game chat. :)
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  10. as someone at work right now, I do =P and plenty of kids who would prolly love to chat too.
  11. but yeah I do enjoy javascript. I love the flexibility. Once you understand how it works and know its pitfalls, its a pretty fun language.
  12. I know I am hijacking this thread but what are you working on in Node.js ?
  13. Few various things, but my "Goal" is a backend system similar to Erlangs OTP platform (horizontal scaling with distributed workload) called Cosmos, then to build a browser based MMO RTS on top of that.

    But with working a full time job... time is something I find very limited while trying to maintain non programming activities :(
  14. Very nice :)
  15. Since you've done such good work on this recent project involving XP, I'm sure we can forgive you this ONE time, but don't let it happen again! :D
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  16. yay plz like if you like this idea