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  1. Hello everyone, I recently bought a server and... well, its kind of empty. I was just wondering if anyone could throw in few ideas and tell what I should build to make a good looking spawn town.
    I have the basics, (ex:Arena, a few shops, and a castle that looks terrible) but I just don't know what else to build! So please, leave a suggestion! :)

    P.S. If anyone could help me with the website, i would greatly appreciate it!! :)
  2. buildings!
  3. :DYes! lol, I know buildings, but what do use them for?
  4. jvec31: Advertizing any server non-emc within EMC forums is a banneable offence according to the Terms of Service that u can find under the Site Help tab up there... please avoid doign so, and disregard this thread

    Edit: heres a link for easier searching
  5. Jvec isnt actually advertising his server, he is merely asking for suggestions on what would make nice additions to a spawnpoint, I am sure his intentions were never to put his IP on here and publicize it ;)
  6. oh well, sorry but i've seen ppl kicked from smp's due talking about their own servers... even when not posting ip's

    even when i asked for hlp for mine, on a technical way, i was told thats an issue not cappable to be dealt in-game or forums
  7. Hm. I don't think I've ever heard of a kick for taking about other servers unless they were going pretty deep into trying to recruit people and not listening to a staff if told to cut it back a bit. But, in this case, I think asking for ideas is okay as he's not really spamming his server trying to get others to join.
  8. You could build a large spawn point/entryway for your server, where new players would spawn. It could be anything from a rules/tutorial kind of are similar to what the empire has now, or it could be something like a huge palace. Hotels are always fun, maybe you could have buildings or constructions that use redstone circuitry, or pools, zoos, farms, anything. Is your server modern or more medieval? You could have airports and roads, or other castles, blacksmiths, guardtowers, whatever fits your theme!
  9. build an XP grinder lol, or a fun house, with like archery and bumper boats, etc.
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  10. also, roller coasters. Everyone loves roller coasters.
  11. I guess it depends on who the server is for, if it's just for you and some friends, then maybe a meeting room with supplies and utility blocks, if it's for the general public, I would say enormous signs stating the rules (but then, people probably wouldn't read them no matter how big you made them).
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  12. That sounds really good!
  13. how do you have bumper boats? don't they just smash?
  14. not really, if you arent going fast enough you will just bounce off each other and fly off in opposite directions