Seriously guys? [SMP9 NEW REPUBLIC MEMBER]

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  1. I am a member of the New Republic, and I come on seeing a sign calling us no-nos.:p
    Deathtomb (I'm sure everyone knows him) visited us and died, so we took his stuff and put it in the chest for him. He never came back.
    So then this person comes and puts a sign up saying rude things. If you want to know what it is, look in the spoiler. I find this offensive to come and accuse us with no evidence whatsoever for 'stealing Deathtomb's stuff'.
    You dirty scummy thieves, you stole this member's stuff. Shame on you.
  2. Sending a PM to deathtomb here, seeing what he thinks.
  3. Matt I have returned from the shops with the solution to the case.
    Ben had been reading through the forums and came across this, telling me that he had placed the sign in question there earlier this afternoon. He revealed that he had placed the sign with the intention of preventing any more loot being taken from deathtombs chest, referring to the guilty robbers as 'scummy thieves'. Thought this info would be relevant. Having discovered the sign today I (Dean) had no idea that it was actually created in the name of my account!
    I would like to apologise to Matt for the effort he has had to put into this thread in attempting to find out what had gone on, and also to any member of the New Republic who may have stumbled upon the sign and been offended.

    Cheers everyone!
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  4. Could just have asked the staff to check on Square. Much quicker/more reliable. :p
  5. Needless to say, he won't ever be on my computer again folks! lol
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  6. As far as the fine people of the New Republic are concerned, if they didn't take anything from the chest they have no reason to be offended, since the sign is only addressing those who did.

    If there was a chest with a players stuff in it,and people were taking things from it, I agree with the sign. If there was a sign stating that it was someone's death chest, I agree even more so. Sounds like you guys might have some dirty, scummy, thieves in your midst just like the sign says.
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  7. One thing I noticed in this thread is no mention of locking the chest? If it was wide open and everyone could get to it then of course people would steal from it. Try a [lock] with yours and Deathtomb's name :)
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  8. Its alright as i was out there to check out the new settment i had not intended on coming back what i had died with as i like to make one way trips. but thank you for the concern as for the sign. im cluesless about it