Seriously?? Grieved!

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  1. Ive had 37 sheep and somebody has been killing them or something.. They are all fenced off so somebody has been killing them or its been glitching out i started with 37 now theres like 8 i want my sheep back MODS!!!!!!
  2. This has been discussed over and over. Animals are VERY messed up in Minecraft and we can't fix it. When you are away trying storing them as eggs :)
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  3. Unless you have given permission to people to kill them, it won't be a player.

    Animals in Minecraft are buggy. They just are. I personally find fences are not a good way to keep animals in, and I always fence mine in with blocks, and generally put a roof on too.

    Wheat is so cheap and easy to acquire, just breed some more. I have to top my farm up regularly, it's pretty normal.
  4. 100r for eggs? Why so expensive?
  5. Making eggs is free in your plot.
  6. I cant find mobs in my plot :(
  7. The price means several things:

    A: It's cheaper than /purchase animal

    B: It allows a market to be created in which to sell animalsat competitive rates

    C: It stops people from Eggifying everything that moves in the Wild
  8. you can likely find the eggs in player shops for cheaper. just ask in town does anyone sell cheap eggs.