Serious connectivity problems?

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  1. Greetings Emperians!

    I'd like to ask if any of you have serious problems connecting to EMC?

    When I log in I fall down (through the floor) and eventually get kicked. I got this on all servers. What also happens is that I just freeze up and then get kicked.

    Anyone else got this?

    Post you thoughts/ideas/pancakes below :3
  2. My Pancakes

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  3. I just logged in and I'm not experiencing what you've described.
  4. (moved thread to help & support) :)
  5. I've been discussing this with him in PM - It appears to be an issue with his ISP based on some commands I had him run.
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  6. im having this issue currently also, i guess ill just have to wait it out for now. though i can connect to any other server in my list and no problem. so not really sure what it could be
  7. ya same here, cant stay on for more then 10mins before it kicking me.
  8. with me it lets me join and then i freeze right away until screen goes foggy and says there is a problem with minecraft connectivity. then i have to exit completely. its only with EMC though for some reason. so for now im stuck with being on other servers which i dont want to be on XD
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  9. alright so ive tried many things including upgrading java. if anyone has any clue let me know. when i join the game freezes right away and cant even move cursor. after a few seconds at the top of the mc screen bar pops up "minecraft is not responding" then i have to exit out. does it each time.
  10. yup u are not alone. i cant switch servers cause it shuts my minecraft down
  11. run this program and run it on ''

    Then post screenshot of results.
  12. thanks, but i forgot to post earlier. i found out the problem i guess i was just near an extrememely laggy location in town and that is why i was always freezing. i was about to type /town at once point before i froze and once i was at town spawn i was no longer frozen. thanks though