[Series] The Code - With 5weety!

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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you all another Minecraft related series I have started on my channel. This is an adventure map playthrough of 'The Code' which was created by JespertheEnd. Let me know either on YouTube comments or here, how you like the series! :D
    The entire playthrough has been recorded so I will edit and upload the videos as quickly as I can ;)

  2. I'll see you in 10 years. (no srrs tho, GL)
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  3. I downloaded the map about an hour ago and finished it. If you plan to get it without hints, good luck. Took me a half dozen hints.
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  4. I did this map almost 8 months ago, not one hint :p
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  5. We used like 2 hints I think, one of which was necessary as the map is broken... The bit later on where the numbers come up in chat weren't displaying properly. :(

    First video in the series!
  6. New episode out today guys!
  7. I published this yesterday, but totally forgot to update this thread...

  8. Seems legit and looks good :D
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  9. Cool, might try this myself xD
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  10. Sweet... Watched all of them!
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  11. Lol thanks, that was a bit difficult to read xD
  12. New episode, warning: if you watch this you will be watching someone watch something... :p

  13. Aaaaand behold, the fifth episode!!! :D

  14. Sorry about the wait, I've been a bit busy... Anyways the 6th episode is here!

  15. Will I need to post a discussion with my EMC info on a different youtube channel to be able to watch it..? :confused:
  16. I'm not entirely sure what you mean, you don't have to make any accounts or discussions anywhere. All videos in this series are public on YouTube, this means that they can be viewed on any platform regardless of whether you are logged in or not ;) You can use this direct link if the video embedding doesn't work for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njpv5UirI14
  17. I was actually trying to make a rather poor reference to the "official" steam group, which I don't remember existing when I joined what was coined the "official" group a little more than a year ago, which I was in up until a few days ago.. :oops:
  18. Oh you were the guy o the verify page, I didn't put two and two together lol :p
    Invited, just to confirm. You were in the group and then were kicked or something or what do you mean?
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  19. I was in a group that, I thought was at least, was the official group when I found it like a year ago and then found out like a month or so ago that there was a different group that was the official group.. Honestly I was slightly upset that I had never gotten invited to it and left the group that I was in earlier this week.. o3o
  20. Sorry about the confusion. The Official EMC group on Steam was created with limited members who were actually invited (about 5-10) and others accumulated as they requested to be invited to it, once they were aware of it's existence. It is a private group specifically for anyone who is on EMC, getting into the group used to be quite difficult however when I gained the group, I introduced the verification feature which is where anyone can apply to get into the group in a way that I thought was quite easy and reasonable. The verify group is public to join meaning you can use it to notify me to send you an invite to the private one.

    Just to recap, there is no automated system however I have tried to make it as close to that as possible. Non one has been excluded on purpose, if you weren't invited it was merely because we weren't aware of you Steam account of you weren't aware of the group. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    On a side note in the future could you please either start a new thread or PM me directly? Thanks ;)