Series - Survival Games w/ xHaro_Der + Friends!

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  1. Hey everyone! So I decided to start up a LP of me playing the popular Minecraft game Survival Games! (AKA Hunger Games).

    I will sometime have friends be a guest in my videos, so yeah :p

    Here's the first video, when I make new ones I will post them as a reply and add it to the spoiler below.

    This is my first attempt, so obviously there's flaws. I will render with better quality next time and definitely won't be as choppy with the commentary.

    Thanks for watching guys! Please like, comment, and subscribe! :)

    Note [I have permission from ICC to post these videos as they contain content and IPs from other servers. I do not encourage you to leave EMC for these servers, EMC is still the best :)]
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  2. You are server advertizing...
  3. I actually thoroughly enjoyed this video! :D
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  4. Oh. XD
  5. Only part I didn't like was why I wasn't invited ):
  6. Maybe you can be in the next one :p Just wanted the first video to be a solo :p
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  7. Id love to see it, but the spoiler beside the text is empty for me :(
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  9. I am amazing at a few SG maps, feel free to ask me to join you if you need a friend to play with someday. I can play on weekends.
  10. omg ted, haro and sam all in one video :O