[Series] EMC Boss Fights/Mobarenas!

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  1. Suspended indefinitely.

    Hey guys!
    I recently started a YouTube channel with content mostly relating to EMC mob arenas/ICC Super Happy Murder events(YAY!). I'm planning to branch out a bit though, and collaborate with other EMC YouTubers! Feel free to check me out, I make new videos on a very strict schedule, exactly whenever I feel like and have time (2-3 days usually).
    Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/user/theFuseMinecraft
    Latest video:

    Thanks :D
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  2. Here is the first video :) I realize the video has a black margin around it... My screen has a non-standard resolution so I will try to fix
    (May contain VERY mild language :p)
  3. Got another Momentus fight uploading now! I'm going on vacation to Hawaii for the week, so will not have time to locate boss/upload another fight. But... I may make a video with money making tips or villager mechanics, maybe both :)
  4. I can record some mob arenas for you if youd want to upload them? :p
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  5. Sure, I might like to have another perspective. But I am also going to start participating in Mobarenas again for this series :)

    Here is the next video

    Youtube is still working out the cropping, so check back in a bit if there are massive black bars :p
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  6. Taking down the second Momentus video for around a week... just until I can get it to normal aspect ratio. Really sorry about this guys, trying as hard as I can for the quality to not suck :(
  7. Mobarena tomorrow! I will be playing, and can only assume samsimx will be as well. Hope to get some great footage tomorrow! See you all there!
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  8. The footage from mobarena got corrupted somehow... I will try to fix it but in the meantime I'm recording some villager trading tips stuff.
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  9. Fixed some of the Mobarena footage, still working on the boss one not sure if I can get it back.\
    Here is the first one though. Yes, quality is bad, I am stuck using inferior editing programs as they are the only thing my laptop can run :( Back to normal next week!
  10. Indefinitely suspending this and taking time off EMC. A medical emergency in my family has caused me to think about what really matters, and I will be taking a break for at least a few days, possibly a few weeks. Sorry.